A November 2019 article in the journal Annals of Emergency Medicine, “Opioid Use During the Six Months After an Emergency Department Visit for Acute Pain: A Prospective Cohort Study”, once again demonstrated — empirically — that patients prescribed opioids when presenting to the emergency room for severe pain, do NOT become addicts. They don’t even tend to become addicted to opioids.

The study followed nearly 500 (484) opioid naive (body had not been exposed to opioids) patients who were prescribed opioids for acute pain upon release from the Emergency Department (ED). They were followed for six months with regular telephone…

Still dragging on, months and years after it should have been exposed and destroyed, the horrendous abrogation of medical and legal ethics and responsibility that has cost the lives of thousands of innocent legitimate medical patients continues.

You may have heard discussions regarding how important it is to “reduce the number of opioid pain pills” being dispensed, presented as a fight against the pharmaceutical industry’s rampant greed, when in fact — first and foremost REDUCING THE NUMBERS OF PRESCRIBED PILLS HAS NOT ONLY NOT REDUCED OVERDOSE DEATHS — IT HAS INCREASED THEM.

How can that be?

What are all those…

An abomination in the legal system.

For those of you who committed your life — wrote that blank check — to defending vulnerable others from predatory attack, this is definitely for you. But this is also for EVERYONE — for anyone who believes in Justice.

People need to know what is happening here. Thankfully the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division caught these cases in time and saved the system from being hijacked.

In the first case, a 16-year-old girl, her speech slurred, intoxicated to the point of being unable to walk without stumbling, was led down into the basement at a party by a…

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Currently, the Oregon “Chronic Pain Task Force” is attempting to force the tapering of opioid therapy to zero for Oregon Medicaid patients. Prescribing to new patients would also be sharply limited. If enacted, such regulations would become the most radical and unjustified denial of effective pain therapy from any regulatory body in the nation.

The following is a letter from past presidents of the American Academy of Pain Medicine to Oregon Governor Kate Brown, in its entirety (With many thanks to Richard “Red” Lawhern, Director of Research for the Alliance for Treatment of Intractable Pain (ATIP)):

December 4, 2018


Play is so ubiquitous that we take it for granted and often downplay its importance. But if something is as universal as play — it is not only part of development in all cultures worldwide, we even see it in non-human animals — it must be crucially important.

And it is. In fact, play is beneficial to all areas of child development — cognitive, physical, emotional and social.

Play is defined as: 1) fun; 2) intrinsically motivated — children play simply for the satisfaction it provides; 3) voluntary — if a child is forced, the activity isn’t play; 4) about…

Falling Star by the author

There is a paper in the 10 Aug 2018 issue of the prestigious (in the meantime) journal Science — published as a “Neuroscience” paper for no apparent reason other than calling it a “neuroscience” paper connotes high respectability — titled: “Opioid prescribing decreases after learning of a patient’s fatal overdose”. The first line in the abstract/intro is: “Most opioid prescription deaths occur among people with common conditions for which prescribing risks outweigh benefits.” (Bold added and Italics added here and in all subsequent quotes.) There is no citation for any scientific source whatsoever for that statement. …

The increasing role of illegal fentanyl in opioid overdose mortality isn’t news. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have reported the increasing death toll since 2013. What is new, however, is that it can now be demonstrated, beyond any reasonable contradiction, that physician over-prescribing of opioid analgesics is not the “cause” of our public health problem with opioid addiction and mortality. And it never was.


And by the way:
As noted June 21, 2018 in *The Crime Report*, titled “The Phony War Against Opioids — Some Inconvenient Truths”:

“If over-prescribing of…

“A Call To Arms” — Rodin, Legion of Honor Museum, San Franisco, California, USA

This has been on my mind for some time. As many of you well know, the United States has true sworn enemies who want only the death of this country and the people in it. Some of you have faced and fought them.

They are the enemy. The true enemy. What is disturbing to me is that the divisions among Americans have been cultivated to the point that Americans identify other Americans as the enemy. That is no exaggeration. You can read and feel the emotion and the rage with which one side acts or reacts toward the other.


This is a short story written several years ago. It is somewhat humerous, somewhat nonsensical, and a little bit serious. Sort of. It shouldn’t take too long to read, and I’d be very interested in what you think of it. I hope you like it.

My name is Sam, short for Samantha. I can’t tell you where I was born, or who my mother was. As smart as I am, I cannot remember much prior to my arrival here, where I live with two humans, Ron and Maya. Even cats are bound by certain rules of brain development, one of…

By Thomas N. Dikel / Special to The Sun

Posted Feb 1, 2017 at 2:00 AM
Updated Feb 2, 2017 at 3:39 PM

This is an obituary of sorts. Grace Packer, a 14-year-old child, was brutally raped and murdered — allegedly by her adoptive foster mother and the woman’s paramour, after years of horrific physical, psychological and sexual abuse.

She and her brother were adopted by Sara Packer, who was an adoptions supervisor for Northampton County, Pa. She lost her job and was barred from taking in any more foster children when her husband at the time was arrested and…

Thomas Dikel

I am a Developmental Psychopathologist (child development, clinical and forensic psychology, and neuropsychology), focus on child abuse, adult trauma, and PTSD.

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